Assistant Researcher at Nawah Scientific

Assistant Researcher at Nawah Scientific

Assistant Researcher at Nawah Scientific
Assistant Researcher at Nawah Scientific

Nawah is looking for an Stability Assistant Researcher at Nawah Scientific
Job title:
Stability Assistant Researcher
In the role of Stability Assistant Researcher, you will be responsible for testing and validating stability samples, new products, and R&D trials by employing a diverse range of advanced techniques and methodologies. You will also follow ICH and ISO standards and guidelines for the drug products.

Job Tasks:
1. Perform analytical analyses on stability samples as per the designated analytical schedule
2. Research and identify appropriate analytical methods for newly developed products.
3. Validate newly developed analysis methods using High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC), Gas Chromatography (GC), and UV spectrophotometry.
4. Conduct comparative dissolution studies in compliance with the requirements set by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
5. Analyze stability samples from research and development trials based on their respective analytical schedules.
6. Analyze volatile and residual solvents, and validate the analytical methods using Gas Chromatography (GC).
7. Prepare specifications and analytical methods for drug products in accordance with relevant guidelines.
8. Participate in accreditation processes with organizations such as EDA and EJAC for ISO 17034 compliance.

Job Requirement:
➢ Must-to-Have:

1. Bachelor’s degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences, Chemistry, or a related scientific field.
2. 2-5 years of experience in a similar role within the pharmaceutical industry.
3. Strong alignment with the values and vision of our company.

➢ Nice-to-Have:

1. Preferred residence in Cairo or Giza.

What we offer:
• Work with a supportive and energetic team in a dynamic research environment that fosters collaboration and innovation.
• Enhance your professional skills and knowledge by accessing all Nawah courses for free.
• Enjoy annual salary increases and additional benefits based on your performance and contribution.
• Receive an annual family bonus as a token of appreciation for your loyalty and commitment to the company.
• Earn a quarterly incentive for achieving your goals and exceeding expectations.
• Benefit from comprehensive social and medical insurance coverage for you.
• Participate in an annual cycle meeting to review your progress and plan your future development.

How to apply:
• To apply for this exciting opportunity, please send your CV to: Career@nawahscientific.com
• Make sure to include the job title in the subject line of your email.
• Tell us why you are interested in this position and how your skills and experience make you a strong fit for the role in a brief paragraph in the body of your email.
• Don’t miss the deadline to apply for this position: August 24, 2023.

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