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Commercial Management Trainee At Cargill Egypt - vacanciesblog 2023

Commercial Management Trainee At Cargill Egypt

Commercial Management Trainee At Cargill Egypt


Commercial Management Trainee At Cargill Egypt
Commercial Management Trainee At Cargill Egypt




What is the Commercial Management Trainee Program about?

We aim to develop top diverse talent towards future expert and managerial roles for our trading and merchandising function at Cargill. The program offers access to accelerate development on the job and through other channels during a 24-month program which may include depending on your area of expertise: Understanding the agricultural commodities trading industry and the markets for commodity merchandising. Understanding the local supply and demand factors that impact markets. Understanding drivers of Profit and Loss and take commercial decisions to generate revenue. Developing knowledge on Cargill’s trading and hedging strategies, tactics and practices, including the use of futures, risk management derivatives and structured products. Initiating and negotiating on terms of commodity purchase, sale contracts, such as price, quality, quantity, transportation, timing and payment. Coordinating transportation and logistics to execute commodity contracts and interacting with other functions across the business. Ensuring detailed and accurate follow-up, execution, and closure of all contracts. Developing collaborative relationships with external customers and suppliers in a customer facing role. Learning on the job from experts, developing technical and soft skills and receiving coaching from your manager and peers. Participating in structured learning (digital and instructor led) to develop your technical, professional and leadership skills with peers across Europe, Middle East and Africa, learning from each other during the different sessions of the Cargill European Graduate program. Building a peer network across Cargill.

What you will bring to Cargill (REQUIRED)

Master or University degree in related field (Business, Finance, Engineering…) Entry level work experience (up to 2 years) and/or an internship in relevant areas. Willingness and flexibility to travel in case required. Fluency in English and good knowledge in the local language Proven natural leadership and interpersonal, communication and negotiation skills. Teamwork; ability to work in a multi-cultural and multi-functional teams. High integrity and ethical standards. Self-starter; highly motivated and able to work independently. Willingness to take responsibility and initiative. Demonstrated experience in prioritizing work and meeting deadlines. Fast learner and oriented to self-development: curiosity to learn and create new way of building and/or improving systems and processes. Strong analytical skills and ability to proactively identify and resolve problems. Flexibility and managing ambiguity; able to cope with fast changes within a growing company and see opportunities in change. Risk appetite; composure, resilience, risk analysis and right sizing

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