Egypt Logistics Coordinator At Amazon

Content Reviewer at Amazon

Content Reviewer at Amazon

Content Reviewer ( English + Arabic)
Job ID: 1771714 | Amazon Advertising Egypt LLC


Our operations team is looking for highly motivated and talented candidates to participate in auditing/reviewing advertisements. The ideal candidate must demonstrate strong analytical & communication skills, attention to details, and a commitment to excellence. In addition, the candidate must be proficient in written and verbal English with strong interpersonal and problem solving skills.

Key responsibilities include:

1. Internet Advertiser Review
· Review web sites for content quality based on Content Guidelines.
· Thoroughly check ad content with quality and accuracy.
· Approve or disapprove new and changed ad submissions based on policy guidelines.
· Analyze data and evaluate trends/ patterns.
· Recommend generic pattern to be translated into Rules.
· Writing customer-facing emails to address concerns and report issues.
· Troubleshooting issues related to Advertisers.

2. Review & Maintain internal process quality
· Maintaining high internal quality of the processes by performing quality audits
· Providing specific & timely feedback to policers on errors & trends
. Should be flexible to work in night shifts and rotational weeks off’s


· Graduate degree in any discipline
· Fluency in both English & Arabic. Candidate must demonstrate language proficiency in all the following writing, reading and comprehension.

· From 0 to 2 year experience in Operations ( Ex CS , Back Office and Content Reviewing & Moderation)
· Should be flexible to work in night shifts and rotational weeks off’s and public holidays.
· Working knowledge of Computer Applications like- MS Word and MS Excel
· Detail Oriented
· Flexible in work timing
· Familiar with Internet search tools

· Willingness to work with sensitive issues, including but not limited to
· 1-Adult content
· 2- Religious and philosophically sensitive issues
· 3-Alcohol, tobacco, weapons and other potentially offensive products


· Requires strong computer skills, Microsoft Office Applications (Excel, Power Point and Word) to maintain reports and metrics.
· Familiarity with online retail (e-commerce)

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