Cost Accountant At Rotogroup

Cost Accountant At Rotogroup

Cost Accountant At Rotogroup
Cost Accountant At Rotogroup

Company location: 6th October
No experience needed
We provide
Medical insurance and life insurance
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Job description:

• Assess all incoming products, resources, and services to ensure the best price.

• Maintain vendor and service provider relationships.

• Remain acutely aware of market trends that could impact resource costs.
• Analyze invoices to ensure correct products/services were received at the expected cost.

• Collaborate with department heads to strategize ways to minimize waste.

• Demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of the interdependency of cost drivers.

• Commit to maximizing efficiency at all levels without compromising quality.

• Develop and implement proactive solutions and cost-cutting measures.

• Calculate the cost of direct materials and the conversion cost for

• production orders to assign standard costs for all products.

• Analysis of expenses for all cost centers, Review estimated budget of it.

• and on the general trend to calculate the MOH rate with a high accuracy.

• Follow-up daily production orders in terms of consumption of raw materials and the output and control standard ratio of spoilage

• Review the purchase orders and purchase prices, and review suppliers ‘offers, whether domestic or foreign.


0-2 years experience
Very good in. English

interested candidates please send your CV to jobs@rotogroup-eg.com

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