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Data Entry At Iffco - vacanciesblog 2024

Data Entry At Iffco

Data Entry At Iffco Egypt

Data  Entry At Iffco Egypt
Data  Entry At Iffco Egypt



We are hiring Data entry
location : sheikh zayed city , Giza

-Communicating with customs brokers and other individuals involved in shipping agents to ensure that all documentation is accurate.
-Reviewing shipping all documents such and  paperwork .
-Coordinating with customs agents to ensure that shipments are cleared through customs in a timely manner.
-Processing customs paperwork including filing entry forms, collecting documentation from importers, and filing customs declarations like Bank forms as Form4 and other required documents.
-Familiar in using the Cargo X system and Nafeza.
-Follow up closely for the vessels/shipments details and finalize all procedures on time with no delay.
Coordinating with carriers to ensure all documentation is in order
-Has background for export process.(Preferable)
-Revise the agents and forwarders invoices and follow the customs accounts.
-Has SAP experience at least 1 year.
-V good at English and Excel.

If you are interested please send your updated cv to

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