Food Safety Specialist At Saudi German Hospital

Food Safety Specialist At Saudi German Hospital

Food Safety Specialist At Saudi German Hospital
Food Safety Specialist At Saudi German Hospital

Location: New Nozha, Cairo

Job Description

•Follow up food handling, personal hygiene, cleaning and sanitation, vegetable washing, defrost, cooking, cooling, hot holding, buffet temperature, maintenance and pest control in the kitchen to ensure that food served to patients is safe and free from any hazards.
•Maintaining personal hygiene and practicing it properly
•Follow-up of the storage, receiving and preparation processes and are carried out correctly based on the food safety system.
•Provide healthy food commensurate with the health condition.
• Sample collection for microbial testing.
• Record test results and maintain appropriate documentation.
• Select produce samples for food safety, time study, and quality control testing.
• Responsible for product quality inspections and proper storage
• Responsible for quality checks for all ready-prepared and raw foods.
• Verify and communicate to appropriate departments any findings that relate to food safety and/or quality issues.
• Assist with the maintenance of food prep and handling equipment, surfaces, and tools.
• Help develop, maintain, and update all records, manuals, training procedures, and product specification books as they pertain to food safety and quality control.
• Assist with preparation for any and all food safety audits.
• Perform other duties as required by management.
• Responsible for developing and implementing food safety training programs for employees to ensure they are aware of proper food handling procedures.

Job Requirements

-Bachelor’s Degree in Veterinarian, Science and Agriculture.
-Minimum two to three years’ experience (Prefers in hospitals).
-Proficient in Microsoft Office.
-Must be able to work in a team environment.
-Ability to work in fast-paced, effectively under pressure, and deadline-oriented environment.

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