Pest Control Engineer At ELARABY Group

Health & Safety Specialist At EL ARABY Group

Health & Safety Specialist At EL ARABY Group

Job Purpose
Implement the occupational health and safety management system and secure the work environment in the various sites and activities of the Group to ensure contribution to reduce the risks and injuries of the work environment
Job Responsibilities
Participate in setting the measurements of the internal and external environment; follow up the implementation of the internal measurements in the work site to ensure that the work is completed in the required manner.
Participate in accident and injury investigation activities to find out the causes and prevent them.
Participate in defining and following up the implementation of the objectives of occupational safety and health and securing the work environment to ensure that the work is completed in the required manner.
Participate in the assessment of environmental risks and manifestations in order to controls them.
Attend the meeting of the Occupational Safety and Health Committee, the Administration Follow-up Committee, and the external and internal committees and environmental affairs in order to make a report on these meetings; follow up on the implementation of the meeting’s items.
Participate in determining expected emergencies and develop methods for readiness and response when they occur; execute maneuvers and define and place guide signs in order to be fully prepared to confront emergencies.
Follow up the signing of the regular medical examination on the workers to ensure the safety and health of the workers.
Participate in defining the appropriate prevention tasks for each process in order to protect workers.
Check the effectiveness of corrective and preventive actions that may affect the safety and health of employees in order to ensure that they are implemented according to the plan.
Prepare the regular visit plan to the work site for early detection of any problems regarding occupational safety and health.
Job Qualifications
Bachelor’s degree in Engineering, or Science,
1-2 years of experience in a Health &safety field
Develop, implement and train stakeholders on environmental, health and occupational safety protection programs
Preparing and maintaining records and electronic files
Ability to prepare and analyze complex reports and information
Proficiency in the use of Microsoft Office tools: Excel, Word and PowerPoint
Strong time management skills.
Ability to analyze and resolve problems with minimal supervision
Strong organizational skills.
Cairo resident are preferred to apply.

Location:  Abbasya, Cairo, EG
Category:  Safety
Posting End Date:03/03/2022

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