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HR Associate - Outsourcing At Pepsico - vacanciesblog 2024
Mechanical Maintenance Engineer At Pepsico Egypt

HR Associate – Outsourcing At Pepsico

HR Associate – Outsourcing At Pepsico

New Cairo, Egypt

Job Description

Develop and sustain multiple function reporting & Data analytics.
Work on Outsourcing Data Management Systems; Data Integrity, Data Process Flow control & access matrix control
Manage commission process communication, calculation and payment.

Manage Outsourcing Attendance System agenda; system utilization, analytics, access rights control, system audits, manage SLAs with system vendor, act as 1st level of support for end users, act as Learning Champion for new users.
Administer Outsourcing Vendors Mapping Agenda.
Manage Human Rights Agenda

Manage payroll processing and payments versus approved matrices to ensure audit implementation to mitigate any financial risks.


Microsoft office strong knowledge (Excel)
Strong communication skills
Financial analysis
0-2 years of experience

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