HSE Specialist At Cairo Three A Poultry

HSE Specialist At Cairo Three A Poultry

HSE Specialist At Cairo Three A Poultry

Job Description
Implementation of health and safety plans in the work site.
Implementation and consolidation of policies aimed at providing employees with a culture of health and safety inside and outside the site.
Work hard to maintain a safe and risk-free work environment.
Ensure compliance by all site personnel with health and safety laws and standards.
Inspect and inspect work sites on a daily basis.
Implementation of plans for health and safety laws in the company based on the provisions of the law.
Identifying all activities in the facility and all production processes taking place in it (raw materials, intermediate materials, final product, hazardous materials and waste) and implementing the necessary precautions plans to prevent potential risks.
Ensure that the approved quality of tools and equipment is always used.
Educate workers before starting work.
Ensure the integrity of fire prevention and control equipment.
Monitoring workers and ensuring that they work in the correct and safe manner.
Gas testing in confined spaces.
Preparing daily occupational health and safety reports.

Job Requirements
1+ year of experience in HSE field.
Bachelor’s degree in Science or Engineering is a must.
Good awareness of HSE aspects
Experience in conducting inspections and audits.

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