IT Auditor At  EGBank

IT Auditor At  EG Bank



IT Auditor At  EGBank
IT Auditor At  EGBank


Job Description:

Carrying out audit testing in accordance with the established internal audit programs and templates and supporting this through the corroborative working papers, executing the audit missions on information systems in addition to contributing to the development of the audit findings and presenting appropriate recommendations that would strengthen and improve EGBANK’s control environment in the units being audited and providing the relevant data for the development of the IA sector audit plans, especially in regards to the audit activities on the information systems & security.

متطلبات شغل الوظيفة:
الحد الادنى للمؤهل: درجة بكالوريوس فى احد التخصصات ذات الصلة
المؤهلات التفضيلية: الحصول على شهادة مهنية فى التخصص مثل CIA و CISA
اللغات: إجادة تامة للغة الإنجليزية والعربية (كتابة وقراءة)
الخبرة اللازمة: لا يوجد حد أدنى من الخبرة لوظيفة المدقق

Job requirements:

Minimum qualification: Bachelor’s degree in one of the relevant specializations such as computer science or information systems.
Preferred qualifications: obtaining a professional certificate in the field such as CIA or CISA
Languages: a complete proficiency of English and Arabic languages (writing and reading)
The required experience: There is no minimum level of experience for the auditor role

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