Junior Costing and Planning Analyst At Wadi Group Egypt

Junior Costing and Planning Analyst At Wadi Group Egypt

Junior Costing and Planning Analyst At Wadi Group Egypt
Junior Costing and Planning Analyst At Wadi Group Egypt

About Wadi Group Egypt :

Location: Cairo, Egypt

Industry: Food and Beverage Production

Company Size: More than 1000 employees

Wadi Group and its affiliated companies are the fruitful outcome of a long success story started in Egypt in 1984. The group’s earlier startups have taken place years ago, namely in Lebanon, 1957, then Syria, 1973, followed by KSA, 1975 and Jordan, 1977. Wadi group comprises numerous companies focusing on delivering high quality products to consumers & businesses. The Group was celebrating in 2010 its 25th anniversary and is in the midst of a corporate restructuring of its different subsidiaries operating in 3 divisions: Poultry, Agro-Food & Industry. The restructuring has seen the emergence of 2 sectors: Mazareh (Farms) and Sina’at (Industries). The Poultry & Agro-Food subsidiaries are grouped under Mazareh, including 2 key B2B Cos Katkoot al Wadi & A’laf al Wadi, and 2 B2C Cos Wadi Food and Wadi Farms. Wadi Group’s industrial subsidiaries, including Tabreed & other industrial projects like Idafat, Asmida, Tawseel and Nile Storage and Stevedoring Company are grouped under Sina’at.

About Junior Costing and Planning Analyst Position:

Job Description:


  • Analyzes expenses and cost transactions; ensures that transactions are recorded accurately and assigned to the appropriate projects and departments.
  • Provides detailed financial analysis and reports of expenses, includes breakdowns of project costs, forecasts of remaining expenses, and opportunities to increase efficiency.
  • Conducts market research as needed to recommend changes to pricing or business models.
  • Prepares periodic cost reconciliation reports tracking data such as changing labor and supply costs.
  • Draw charts and graphs, using computer spreadsheets, to illustrate technical reports.
  • Determine standard costs and investigate variances with actual costs.
  • Create and manage budgets and monitor spending.
  • Estimate product costs for existing and new products.
  • Forecast and analyze costs of processes, labor and inventory.
  • Conduct market research to support future business planning.




  • Bachelor’s degree in Accounting with an excellent academic record
  • 0 – 1 year of experience in accounting management
  • Strong organizational, communication and interpersonal skills


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