Laboratory And Quality Control Chemist At Methanex Corporation

Laboratory And Quality Control Chemist At Methanex Corporation

Laboratory And Quality Control Chemist At Methanex Corporation
Laboratory And Quality Control Chemist At Methanex Corporation

Position Summary

Safely manage and conduct laboratory shift activities, water treatment, process quality control through laboratory information management system to ensure the quality of product, shipment and Environmental monitoring (liquid effluent and gas emissions) as per company standard, RC and Quality Procedures.

Position Responsibilities

Monitor, Review, and conduct the routine and non-routine laboratory activities of sampling and analysis to timely met the work
Test and analyze all collected samples (Gas, Water, Wastewater, and Methanol) and evaluate the results to ensure product quality, shipment, and effluent as per company standards and targets.
Develop and validate the analytical methodology to evaluate its suitability and accuracy.
Monitor and evaluate water and wastewater treatment areas to maintain optimized conditions.
Monitor and control the availability of chemicals, gases, equipment, glassware, consumables, and spares for the laboratory to arrange timely replenishment.
Examine, Evaluate, and technically approved all incoming chemical raw materials according to their standard specs and certify their acceptance to be used in the plant.
Communicate and interact with other departments to organize analytical activities accordingly.
Prepare and conduct job training programs for lab specialists and newcomers to improve the progress of their subordinates.
Assess and certify the quality of produced methanol according to EMX standards to approve its transfer to storage tanks on a shift basis.
Assess and certify the quality of shipping methanol (Shore Tank, 1st foot samples, and Shipment Composite samples) according to IMPCA standards to start loading.
Check the performance of plant online analyzers continuously via comparison with lab samples to determine Validation, calibration, or proper action when
Involve in any assigned incident investigation and assist in developing quality corrective actions
Test and monitor all different process stages continuously and record and communicate any abnormalities on time (immediately) to avoid escalation of problems.
Interpret laboratory test results and determine immediate actions to keep the process parameters on specs (met specifications).
Prepare daily and monthly laboratory reports to be used in process performance evaluation.
Carry out complex test analysis and involve in studies to support production performance, product quality optimization, and customer needs.
Calibrate, troubleshoot, and conduct preventive maintenance to laboratory instruments periodically to maintain their performance.

Position Qualifications

B.Sc. of Science in Chemistry.
At least 3 years’ experience in Laboratory and water treatment in the petrochemical field.
High level of safety culture and awareness.
Maintain the necessary laboratory area skills competency in assigned field areas as required for
flexible operations
Analytical chemistry, applied chemistry, and water treatment aspects.
Very good command of English skills.
Intermediate PC and Microsoft Office skills, including ability to use MS Office and incident reporting software.

Job Type
Laboratory & Quality Control Chemist (Contractor Role)

Closing Date: July 8, 2023
Reports To: Water Treatment and Lab Supervisor
Location: Damietta

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