Laboratory Specialist At Edita Food industries

Laboratory Specialist At Edita Food industries


Benefits Officer at Edita Food industries
Benefits Officer at Edita Food industries


Full Job Description
Main Purpose:
Technical follow-up of the analysis methods within the laboratory.

1. Analyzing samples of raw materials, packing and packaging materials to ensure compliance with standard specifications.
2. Analyzing finished product and expiry date samples before releasing the product.
3. Annual calibration for lab equipment.
4. Providing and training technicians on new methods of analysis.
5. Following up on critical control points and reporting any deviations if they occur.
6. Monitoring the implementation of industrial safety and occupational health instructions.
7. Implementing quality standards.
8. Ensure that all materials meet the specifications

Job Requirements:
Education: B.Sc. Chemistry.
Experience: 1 year of experience in a similar field.
Languages: Excellent command of English language (Speaking, reading and writing).
Computer Skills:
MS Word Skills Intermediate
MS Excel Skills Intermediate
MS PowerPoint Intermediate
MS Outlook Skills Intermediate
Working Conditions:
Working Days: 5 Days/week [From Saturday Till Thursday].
Days Off: Two days / Week [Friday & Saturday].
Working Hours: Shift Basis
Working Environment: 100 % plant.

Location :6th of October City

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