Material Planner At Unilever

Material Planner At Unilever

Material Planner At Unilever
Material Planner At Unilever


Main Purpose of role:

Ensure availability of all imported Materials / FGs
Ensure availability of Local Materials
Maintain stock levels of ordered materials as per the agreed stock norms
Help in achieving the supply chain objectives of reducing working capital and supplying the demand at the lowest cost.
Maintain system parameters (SAP) & related integrated systems (PLM & GMMD) activities those input main system (SAP)”

Main accountabilities:

Materials Planning

Ensure materials/FGI requirements are reflected in SAP.
Establish material requirements for Production Plans with the use of MRP Planned Orders/Purchase Requisitions & Purchase Orders.
Monitor Stock levels and ensure material availability for current production requirements.
Establish and maintain appropriate safety stock levels.
Highlight material constraints that could impact production plans for the coming 3 months at least
Communicate with suppliers/Sourcing units on material requirement forecasts on an ongoing basis.
Identify materials with continuous bottlenecks situations & plan to mitigate them or debottleneck them
Anticipate constraints in materials availability On Time In Full
Plan materials with near expiries or expired to replenish them or request extensions from Quality (Raw Materials Planning mainly)
Plan new innovations or projects materials orders with alignment of Supply Planners & Innovation Planner respecting the innovation/projects network & alignments
Plan [To be delisted/To be obsolete] materials rundowns/depletion based on alignment of project network
Cross check with suppliers on materials development of projects/innovations


Raise Purchase orders and call offs to suppliers based on planned requirements.
Follow-up on supplier confirmation of Purchase Orders and shipments.
Monitor shipments of all imported materials and take action when necessary to ensure timely arrival of material on site, thereby avoid disruption to production plans.
Co-ordinate with Internal Logistics to ensure availability of all imported materials
Establish requirements of specified packaging materials both local and imported based medium term requirements.
Place purchase orders and issue call offs according to Production Schedules.
Liaise with Suppliers on rejected materials or short shipped consignments.
Co-ordinate on Sourcing issues

Co-ordinate with Planners / Sourcing on new raw and packaging materials.
Provide data to establish Supplier Performance rating.

Ensure MRP (planning) and call-off procedures are followed.
Update MRP Master Data.
Obtain information on MOQ, shipping and clearance lead-times and update planning information in SAP.

Provide necessary information and maintain necessary records to enable proper control of inventory and prices
Reports such as:-
Working Capital reports
Critical Material Report
Purchase Order Report
SLOBS List Report
Critical Materials Report (CMR)
Neary Expiry Materials Report (Raw Materials Planning mainly)”

Job Requirements:

Engineering / Supply chain educational background
0 to 3 years of experience in similar / related role
High degree of analytical skills
Knowledge of principles of Material Requirements Planning (MRP II)
At least 1 Year experience of procuring local and imported materials and dealing with overseas suppliers
Communication skills
Familiar with SAP – advantage
FMCG experience is preferable

Location: 6th of October, Egypt

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