Mcc engineer At RATP Dev

MCC Engineer At RATP Dev

MCC Engineer At RATP Dev

Cairo, Egypt
Full Time
Entry Level

To prepare maintenance schedules and plan resources (staff and spare parts/consumables)
To manage and assign preventive and corrective maintenance tasks to his team on a daily basis
To conduct inspections related to his team activities with a focus on work quality, efficiency and reporting (how work orders are being populated and closed by contractors)
To check the work performed and provide support to his team whenever required
To control that his staff remains competent (authorized personnel)
To monitor stock levels and tools calibration and take appropriate action whenever required
To ensure that all environmental and safety rules are adhered to and take appropriate actions, while informing his manager, in case of any environmental or safety issue.
To duly and thoroughly report all inspections and controls on the relevant checklists
To participate and be a valuable member of the technical investigation team whenever requested by maintenance management.
To provide any required inputs to the budget for his scope and adhere to it
To undertake any other duties as assigned

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