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Medical Science Liaison - Asthma at sanofi - vacanciesblog 2024
QA Qualification & Calibration Officer At Sanofi

Medical Science Liaison – Asthma at sanofi

Medical Science Liaison – Asthma at sanofi


IMG 20210717 WA0006 Medical Science Liaison - Asthma at sanofi vacanciesblog

Job Purpose

Engage with healthcare professionals, institutions and payers, in a nonpromotional manner, to identify and address their needs. MSLs use their scientific expertise to communicate and form partnerships to deliver the medical strategy, capture actionable insights and ultimately improve patient pathways and outcomes.

The Medical Science Liaison is a healthcare consulting professional representing SANOFI as an extension into the medical healthcare community

The MSL is accountable for bridging the education, information and awareness gap between the industry and the medical community by functioning as the intermediary between SANOFI and the physician, serving roles in both the transmission of beneficial compound information and the gathering of in-field medical intelligence

Key Accountability and responsibilities

Interaction with physicians and Key Opinion Leaders: Disease management:

Provide KOLs with the necessary information and educational materials about Type 2 Inflammation and the use of biological treatment in Asthma to enable them to safely prescribe medication to their patients and to ensure standardization of messaging transmitted within the medical community. The educational material may include, but is not limited to, clinical trial results, safety and efficacy data, educational updates specific to a therapeutic area, continuing medical education, and speaking opportunities.
The educational perspective allows for the development of important networks with KOLs and decision makers to ensure a healthy product lifecycle.

Conduct events such as advisory board meetings, speaker training, workshops and conferences.
Share with the KOLs products’ information including scientific articles and recent guidelines.
On reactive basis, responding to KOL queries about the off label use of Sanofi products.
Obtain feedback that provides insight for physician initiated trials, clinical trial possibilities, educational platform development, safety, and compliance.
Disease awareness:

Increase disease state awareness among KOLs in discussing the latest therapies and provide assistance in building knowledge specific to targeted disease pathways.
Identify new and innovative medical findings in different regions which may result in the development of publications and providing unique data and insight to these respective regions.


Through regular accessibility to diverse medical journals, encourages KOLs being updated to the recent publications and international guidelines and Update KOLs on press releases (New studies and partnerships).
Support SANOFI speakers at scientific meetings through speaker briefings and preparing slides and presentations.
Answer KOL queries through Q&As and Bibliographic searches

Scientific support to Field Force:

Construct training and refreshment sessions for the field force to ensure well oriented medical and product data.
Medical support and presentations at group meetings and stand-alones
Monitor the popular queries faced by the FF and organize sessions to handle such issues
Interaction with internal functions

Provide technical input into promotional communication and training based on an understanding of knowledge gaps in the field identified through field visits and questions received
Provide feedback to internal functions on KOL prescribing habits and opinions on company products and marketing strategies.

Ensuring Patients’ safety & compliance:

Effectively communicate and distribute relevant educational materials, which enhance awareness within the healthcare community and prioritize the benefit for patients and aid in the enhancement of the practice of medicine. Emphasis is placed on existing data which supports the importance of establishing and maintaining national patient safety goals
Ensure compliance to local & global pharmacovigilance reporting procedures & timelines

Perform other duties as assigned.
Respect of company’s values, code of ethics and social charter.
Respect of personal data protection charter.
Responsible for applying the HSE related requirements for the company in all related working procedures and abide by the driving and safety rules
Training / Compliance

Complete all MSL SOP trainings and all other corporate assigned compliance trainings.
Complete the MSL onboarding (and certification) program.
Commits to applying and continued practice of the Scientific Engagement Model and Insights process.
Continue to develop and maintain technical therapy area and soft skills.
Create individual development plan aligned with career aspirations.

Job holder requirement


Bachelor of Medicine
Related Experience: Preferably Experience in the field of Pulmonology/Asthma
Special Knowledge/Skills:

Fluent English language.
Ability to work in an international, culturally diverse environment
Strong communication and presentation skills to simplify complex topics, good negotiation skills.
Excellent analytical and synthesis skills
Innovative Thinking and challenging the status quo
Scientific knowledge of disease areas and products
Scientific Credibility
Management of KOLs
Scientific and Medical Intelligence
PTW Behaviors

Stretch and go beyond
Take actions
Act in the interest of the Patient and customer
Think Sanofi First

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