Medical Audit Doctor At Andalusia Group For Medical Services

Open Vacancies At Andalusia Group

Open Vacancies At Andalusia Group

Open Vacancies Available in the following Departments:

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Quality Manger

Senior Investment Analyst

Media Production Specialist
Digital Marketing Supervisor
Motion Designer

Human Resources :

Human Resources Payroll and Personnel Intern

Human Resource Recruitment Intern

OD Specialist – Medical Background

Engineering :

General Maintenance Manager

Safety :

Industrial Safety Manager


IT Manager

Medical :

Medical Record Doctor

Medical Director

Clinical Pathology Specialist (Lab Doctor)

Costing :

Planning and Monitoring Supervisor (Costing & Budgeting)

Company Profile
Motivated by the Islamic Andalusian era, during which humanity was blessed with the foundations of today’s modern civilization in aspects of knowledge, science and medicine, Andalusia group was founded to uphold the noble principles and values inspired by this wonderful age to provide a health care system that acts as a vital pillar in the development and prosperity of nations. As Al-Andalus – more than twelve centuries ago – was a symbol of commitment and perseverance in achieving aspirations, so is Andalusia group born today to take upon itself the development and prosperity of health services in the present era.

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