Open Vacancies At Misr International Hospital

Open Vacancies At Misr International Hospital

Open Vacancies At Misr International Hospital
Open Vacancies At Misr International Hospital

Misr_International_Hospital is hiring:
#Medical_Claims_Auditor (Inpatient)
– Job Requirements
· Bachelor’s degree in Medicine a Must .
·Prevoius experience as Medical Claim Auditor or in the medical insurance field.
. Details oriented.
. Strong Communication Skills.
– Job Description
· Review the pending and rejected claims from insurance companies to speed up the paid process and decrease rejection cases.
• Follow up with Medical units managers, finance department, Supply chain department, and with medical cases’ responsible to prepare and present the required documents of the pending and rejected claims.
• Ensure that all medical required documents are done to present the pending and rejected claims.
• Clarify the rejection reasons, and the insurance companies requests to avoid the rejection.
Interested candidates can send their update CVs via E-mail: careers@misrhospital.org

#Misr_International_Hospital is hiring
Job Requirement:
.Medical Bachelor Holder( Physician/ Dentist/Pharmacist)
.Excellent Communication & Problem Solving Skills
.Prevoius Management experience
-job Description
.Reaponsible for liaising, collaborating and prioritizing with the physician community within the hospital to ensure effective delivery of medical service
.Working on deliver a class-leading quality-oriented customer service to patients through coordinating the physicians’ service in order to help them drive customer loyalty, improve hospital branding and support continued sales.
.Phyaically presented to solve any arising dispute covering all clinic hours.
Interested candidate send thier update CVs on careers@misrhospital.org
With subject “OPD Coordinator ”

#Misr_International_Hospital is Hiring
#OPD_Agent “ Receptionist”

-Job Requirements :
.Bachelor’s degree .
.1 : 3 years of experience in Customer Service Field
.Communication skills.
.Good appearance.
.Experience in healthcare is preferable .
.Excellent interpersonal skills.

Job Description :
.Maintain a continuous customer satisfaction level to all patients by preventing or handling their complaints either Official or unofficial.
Enhance customers and doctors’ satisfaction by assisting in handling complaints, concerns and suggestions and providing appropriate follow-through.
.Facilitate cooperative and collaborative community relationships with (doctors, patients, nursing)

Interested candidates can send their CVs :
please mention the job title in the subject line.

🛑تعلن *مستشفى مصر الدولى
*عن حاجتها للوظائف الاتيه*
📍 #ICU_Staff_Nurse (تمريض رعاية )
📍#NICU_Staff_Nurse( تمريض حضانات)
📍#Inpatient_Staff_Nurse (تمريض داخلى)
📍#OR_Staff_Nurse (تمريض عمليات)

على ان ينطبق على المتقدم للوظيفة المتطلبات التالية :
١/ شرط الحصول علي ترخيص مزاولة المهنة و كارنيه النقابة .
٢/خبرة سابقة بالوحدة المراد التقديم عليها
٣/ حاصل علي موقف نهائي من التجنيد ( للذكور ). (مؤجل او ادى الخدمة العسكرية)

🤝نظام العمل : ١٧ شيفت / ١٢ ساعه

🛑 تجرى المقابلات من الساعة ١٠صباحا حتى ٢ عصرا من الأحد للاربعاء بمقر المستشفى بميدان فيني الدقى عمارة بنك فيصل الاسلامى
( ادارة الموارد البشرية بالدور الثانى )
او ارسال السيرة الذاتية على الايميل :
او ارسال سيرة ذاتية على الواتساب
Mobile: 01283648436

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