Open Vacancies At Sumerge Egypt

Open Vacancies At Sumerge Egypt

Open Vacancies At Sumerge Egypt
Open Vacancies At Sumerge Egypt

Hiring Managers and Directors for different departments at Sumerge

1.PMO Manager (Project Management)
2. Engineering Managers (Software Engineering)
3. Quality Engineering Manager (SQE/ Software Testing)
4. Marketing Director (Marketing)
5. IT Director (IT)
6. Employer Branding Manager (HR)
7. Rewards & Performance Manager (HR)

If interested to know more details,  send your CV to rsamir@sumerge.com

About Sumerge

We’re a technology company yet our role is beyond offering technology; we combine innovation with solid technology expertise and deep business understanding to transform how you do business. As your partner, we fully integrate your business needs and industry requirements with our team’s expertise, innovation and passion to take your business through a unique digital transformation journey. At Sumerge, we don’t just work on projects; we transform how you do business, how your customers interact with you, how your employees engage with you, how you deliver your services and how you manage your organization. We are simply here for you. We offer disruptive solutions that solve business challenges, grow organizations, shape industries, empower your people and touch your customers’ lives. Our favorite types of projects are the ones that positively and widely improve businesses, organizations and societies.


Enterprise Application Integration, Application Development, Collaboration Solutions, Enterprise Portal, IT Consultancy Services, People Management Solutions, Enterprise Content Management, Business Process Management, Robotic Process Automation, Application Modernization, Microservices, System Integration, Digital Banking Transformation, Business Analytics, Big Data, Data Management, Data warehouse, Digital Business Automation, Microservices Solutions, Application Modernization, Cloud-native Applications, and Legacy Transformation

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