Paid Internship At Vodafone Egypt Returnship Program

Paid Internship At Vodafone Egypt Returnship Program
Paid Internship At Vodafone Egypt Returnship Program



Vodafone Returnship Program:
•    Returnship program is a paid-internship for FEMALES who are out of the job market for 2 to 5 consecutive years due to marriage, child-care, or other reasons.
•    Program duration is 6 months  and by the end of the program, she receives certification of completion and might land in full-time vacancy allocated for the program.

We’re ready to get you back on track with:
–    A compensation plan for the duration of the program.
–    Learning & development journey tackling self and professional development.
–    Mentorship and post-program career coaching.
–    A whole benefits portfolio including on premises Daycare discount, medical insurance, Transportation, Mobile rate plan, Store vouchers, and monthly discounts.
–    An equal opportunity to be hired for a full-time job in Vodafone based on performance for the program duration.

Program Qualifications:

Females who have been out of work for at least 2-5 years
Females who have work experience minimum of 2-3 years
Females between 28-37 years old

Tracks : 

Returnship program in Enterprise Operations

Returnship program in Marketing

Returnship program in Technology

Returnship program in HR

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