Pharmacist At Rofayda Health Park

Pharmacist At Rofayda Health Park

Pharmacist At Rofayda Health Park
Pharmacist At Rofayda Health Park





Job Description

Works with other medical personnel to provide treatments and advice to patients.
Records patient histories relating to medicinal use, and ensures the safe and secure storage of all medications.
Prepares medicines and conducts quality checks in instances when individual drug components need to be mixed together before treating patients.
Plans and monitors clinical trials and stays updated on pharmacy regulations, treatments and developments in research and design.
Dispenses prescription medications.
Provides consultation on prescription and non-prescription medications for storage, dosage, side effects, and drug interactions.
Educates patients on proper handling of medications.
Prepares sterile solutions following proper procedures.
Monitors patient medication compliance and over-usage patterns.
Proper management of patient records and pharmacy files.
Maintains appropriate inventory on pharmaceutical and medical supplies.
Identifies patient’s drug-related problems and effectively communicates with physicians and other healthcare practitioners.
Works in conjunction with physicians, nurses, and other pharmacists.

Job Requirements

Prefer experience in hospitals
Very good interpersonal skills

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