Process Engineer At Energizer

Process Engineer At Energizer
Process Engineer At Energizer


Job Purpose 

Monitor and improve the cycle time of the upstream and downstream processes to eliminate wastes, improve the products lead time to drive value to the customer.

  • Define the process and measure the cycle time.
  • Rate the operators to assess the relaxation allowance to measure the
    standard time.
  • Identify the suitable lean tools to decrease the non-value added
    activities and improve the lead time.
  • Balance the production line to guarantee the continuous flow and
    improve the exit rate
  • Asses the material flow with reference to the production wastes.
  • Best utilization of the factory layout to increase the standard hours per
    square meter.
  • Measure, monitor and improve the machines overall equipment
    efficiency (OEE) to minimize cost in terms of quality, availability and
  • Create a new design for the facility to run the process in an
    ergonomic manner.
  • Improve the design and implement the new ideas to eliminate
  • Adhere to the roles of customer supplier relationship.
  • Coordinate with the production for smooth execution of the methods
    of manufacturing.
  • Coordinate with the Engineering department to ensure the designed
    methods of manufacturing.
  • Coordinate with supply chain department to optimize the wip.


What we are looking for
  • Competencies: Lean and industrial background
  • Experience: More than 2 years
  • Education: Bachelor of Engineering-Certified Lean
  • Job Specific Technical Skills: Value stream mapping-5S-Kanban system

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