Microbiology Lab Supervisor At Liptis Pharmaceuticals

Production Specialist at Liptis Egypt for Pharmaceuticals and Medical products

Production Specialist at Liptis Egypt for Pharmaceuticals and Medical products

Company Name: Liptis Egypt for Pharmaceuticals and Medical products

Job Title: Production Specialist
Job Type: Full Time
Job Requirments:
• Ensure production area is safe to work, productive and has required inventory.
• Maintain production machines and equipment.
• Ensure equipment and work floor is clean, safe and well-maintenance.
• Monitor and control processes using visual observation, process data and on-line testing.
• Identify and debug problems in processes, products, equipment and work for solution.
• Resolve practical problems and deal with variety of concrete situation variables where limited standardization exists.
• Perform tasks assigned to operations.
• Promote safe and healthy production environment and perform safe work practices always.
• Establish and perform high performance standards characterized by integrity.
• Support field personnel in production data management.
• Lead and direct operators to ensure production integrity.
• Support data management and technical evaluation efforts of team.
• Recommend new approaches to streamline team’s data management.
• Supervise strictly implementation of cGMP regulations and SOPs in all aspects of production processes.
• Avoiding errors, mix ups and contamination or cross contamination during processes.

Qualification and other requirments:
• Bachelor degree in Pharmacy
• 0-2 years experience
• Excellent English language written and spoken
• Excellent computer skills (Microsoft office)
• October residents are preferred

Send your email : recruitment.liptis@gmail.com

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