Production Specialist At Rameda Pharmaceutical

Production Specialist At Rameda Pharmaceutical

Production Specialist At Rameda Pharmaceutical
Production Specialist At Rameda Pharmaceutical


Job Description:

Ensures that all activities in his unit or section are done according the relevant cGMP and ISO standards (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and OHSAS 18001).
Supervise production line operations in accordance to the relevant SOPs and safety instructions.
Ensure that all production line operators wearing their personal protective equipment (PPE) during work.
Ensuring that all required documents such as batch records, machine logs, cleaning records, identification labels …ext. are filled on the spot and handled in a proper way as stated in the relevant SOPs.
Participate in Issuing batch records and SOPs and keep them always updated as per business requirements
Ensuring the commitment of all employees in his area to the cGMP standards.
Deliver the required on-job training for production line operators to keep them qualified for doing their jobs properly.
Conduct employee performance reviews.
Coordinate production startups, shutdowns, and changeovers.
Responsible for quality of the product.
Make adjustments as necessary during shift to produce product within specifications.
Reject product outside of specifications.
Participating in all validation activities as per business requirements.
Reporting and handling of any violation for cGMP in a formal way as stated in the relevant SOP.
Responsible for handling waste inside production area and till delivery to the waste collection area according to the relevant SOP
Ensuring application of GMP, clean in Place and documentation rules.
Maintain the optimum yield percentage of raw materials

Job Requirements:

Bachelor degree pharmacy or science

Exp 1-3 years in production area
Pharmaceutical industry is a must

To Apply:

Production Specialist / Packaging area

Apply Here

Production Specialist / Solid area

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