Quality Manager At Cleopatra Hospitals Group

Quality Manager At Cleopatra Hospitals Group

Quality Manager At Cleopatra Hospitals Group
Quality Manager At Cleopatra Hospitals Group

Core Responsibilities:

Share the initial assessment of the hospital and follow up assessments against the standards (JCI or Gahar).
Follow up with the hospital quality teams in their annual quality plan and guide them to solve any challenges.
Guide and assist in development, revision and adjustment of policies: confirm that the P&P match with the process of service and covers standard’s needs.
Development/Revision of forms of medical records, any additional log forms.
Observe the Staff training on the adjusted policies and any medical file forms.
Continuous auditing and tracing to ensure accurate implementation and assure that on job training is done when needed.
Handling the Quality committee in hospital and assure that all aliened managers are attending the committee.
Share in hospitals staff training for improving the quality and safety culture.
Follow up with hospital management any improvement projects and FMEA project.
Assist the hospital quality team to deliver results.
Report monthly the OVRs’ results to the Managing Director.
Develop Risk management program annually (proactive, reactive).
Report regularly all activities to the corporate quality Associate director.

Experience and Skills:

Bachelor’s degree in science or pharmacy
5 to 7 years of Technical Background Preferably Hospitals
Familiarity with the ISO & JCI Accreditations
High level use of excel & PowerPoint.
Organization skills
Leadership skills
Good English written and spoken.
Good Communication Skills Technical Competency
Problem-Solving Skills
Decision-making and good time management

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