Quality Vacancy At Hikma Pharmaceuticals

Quality Vacancy At Hikma Pharmaceuticals
Quality Vacancy At Hikma Pharmaceuticals

Title: Sr. Officer, QA

Job Summary:

To assist in fulfilling varying tasks related to quality including assisting supervisors in training analysts, producing batch records, checking laboratory equipment and ordering needed supplies to aid in the production of safe products that meet the company’s specifications.

Job Description:

Assists in supervising quality analysts in the absence of quality supervisors to ensure they perform their tasks efficiently
Assigns analysts to appropriate shifts to ensure coverage of work schedules throughout the day,
Reports manufacturing deviations in order for line managers to recommend immediate corrective actions,
Assists in the reviewal of quality documentations to ensure compliance with relevant standards.
Assists in preparing and issuing batch records to ensure that business needs are met.
Track batch records deviations in order to have them returned to QA for corrections,
Checks laboratory equipment to ensure they are calibrated and ready to use.
Takes appropriate measures related to working conditions to ensure maintaining good and safe working conditions.
Assists in ordering lab supplies to ensure the availability of equipment when needed.
Review logbooks on a periodic basis to ensure compliance with relevant guidelines.

Job Qualifications:

• Bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy or Science.

• Minimum Experience: 2-3 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry for solid/sterile.

Technical Skills:

• Aware of Quality management system

• Knowledge of guidelines related to pharmaceutical manufacturing.

• Aware of EDA requirements.

• Batch review and release.

• Previous experience in IPC activities during manufacturing.

• Handling of deviations.

Location: EG

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