Raw & Packaging Materials Analyst At GSK

Raw & Packaging Materials Analyst At GSK
Raw & Packaging Materials Analyst At GSK
Raw & Packaging Materials Analyst At GSK

Job Purpose

Sample and analyze lab samples, and operate lab equipment and instruments, to ensure the quality of products and materials in compliance with GSK standard and specification, local requirements and GMP.

Key Responsibilities

Analyze and test Raw and Packaging materials, RM re-testing and intermediates as well as finished products according to approved protocols and specifications. Sample all raw and packaging materials, bulk products and retest samples.
Perform the sampling analysis of different types of water (city, potable and purified). Responsible for documentation of water results and preparation of water trends.
Operate departmental section equipment and instruments according to approved SOP’s e.g. HPLC, GC, UV/Vis, IR and Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer, balances and other analytical equipment.
Perform full monograph analysis for qualification of new supplier of raw material samples in addition to acceptance of new suppliers COA’s against internal specifications.
Implement and maintain GMP, GLP and ISO requirements relevant to his/ her job.
Perform product validation analysis according to approved validation protocols.
Set and update raw materials specifications according to either latest updated pharmacopoeias or in-house specifications.
Responsible for keeping the retained samples of materials and products and their disposal, according to the approved SOP’s.
Prepare, standardize and maintain availability of reference standard, volumetric solutions, glassware, and reagents and ensure their good handling and storage according to the approved SOP’s.
Perform environmental analysis cleaning validation analysis, water analysis and other monitoring lab tests under the supervision of the section head.
Ownership of raw materials retained store and ensure weekly monitoring of temperature and humidity.
Ensure that EHS requirements are fulfilled during work and Support GPS implementation for managing Analytical Lab. different activities.

Basic Qualifications:

University graduate, Bachelor’s degree in pharmaceutical science or Science Equipment manipulation and good computer skills.
0-2 years practical experience in related jobs.
Excellent command of English language.
Knowledge of EHS, GLP and GMP requirements.
Analytical thinking and problem solving skills
Quality Requirements:

Analytical mindset
Data integrity
Trouble shooting techniques
Good Manufacture process
​GSK Expectations and Behavioural Competencies:

Situational Adaptability
Decision Quality Teamwork
Plans and Aligns

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