Safety Supervisor At Maersk Group

 Safety Supervisor At Maersk Group


Safety Supervisor At Maersk Group
Safety Supervisor At Maersk Group



Key Responsibilities

– Responds to all emergencies in the port and renders assistance.
– Responds as an Emergency Team member in cases of accident, fire, oils/chemical spill or other incidents in the port or surrounding area.
– Performs various duties and activities related to safety responsibilities for the port.
-Conducts safety inspections of work areas, advising supervisory personnel of observed safety hazards, violation of safety rules and regulations, and prepares safety inspection reports for the head of department.
– Advises supervisory personnel of appropriate personal protective equipment for workers.
– Investigates work related injuries, following trends, conducting thorough investigations, safety violations and recommending various solutions, including better communications, training, modifications to work methods or equipment, and the like.
– Keeps records of all inspections and investigations, for both fire and safety matters.
– Assists with training instruction for company personnel in health/safety related areas.
– Chairs the preliminary investigations of accidents.
– Instruct and demonstrate pre-job safety talk to insure all reported team working in safe positions.
– In Emergency cases, and incidents help and instruct investigation team as the technical advisor at site of incident.
– Keeping up to date with new legislation and safety standards.
– Providing specialist advice and information on safety to SCCT staff and advising on changes required.
– Providing practical guidance and contemporary advice to staff, visitors and terminal user’s.
– Providing training and educational support to employers and new/trainee employees.

Job Requirements :

– Requires completion of college degree “Science or Engineering“ faculties.
– Age not exceeded 28 years old .
– Requires completion of Safety specialist basic training by Egyptian NIOSH.
– Requires at least three years of safety and/or fire fighting experience, either in the public or private sector & at least two years of supervisory experience.
– Requires an understanding of chemical hazards and hazardous materials and their corresponding
– Requires full understanding of local safety laws and regulations.
– Requires an understanding of international standards of safe work practices for the industry.
– Requires an understanding of work injuries, the investigation process to determine cause.
– Must be able to handle heights and enclosed spaces.
– Must be able to work in extremely hot and dusty conditions, and occasionally, conditions of high levels of noise.
– Must have extensive knowledge in investigative procedures and report-writing.
– Requires a valid driving license for light vehicles
– Requires the ability to communicate both in English & the local language.
– Requires ability to remain calm, but able to direct others, in times of emergency.
– Requires certification in first aid and CPR

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