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SC QC Associate – Menia Plant At Pepsico

SC QC Associate – Menia Plant At Pepsico to

Job Description
2-0 Accountabilities:
2-1 Perform routine analytical on-line testing in compliance with the predetermined Manufuctring sampling plan to ensure the product meets specifications.
2-2 Running proportioning equipment (mixers) and maintaining accurate records
2-3 Monitor, test, and record quality parameters (Brix, CO2, Acidity, etc.) as per Manufuctring sampling plan and make proper adjustment as necessary to ensure product quality meet specifications.
2-4 Monitor the performance of returnable glass lines visual inspectors, electronic bottle inspection to ensure foreign matters elimination.
2-5 Take proper corrective action to eliminate or minimize non-conformances and ensure process consistency and accuracy.
2-6 Perform necessary adjustments to product batches and other processes when out of normal operating conditions are experienced.
2-7 Use analytical instrumentation such as Carbo-QC, Densitometer, pH meter, Refractometer, Torque tester, secure seal tester, etc.
2-8 Logging and tracking of on-line samples testing
2-9 Place all products and packages that fall outside quality ranges on hold for further testing or evaluation.
2-10 Lead lines sanitation and deep cleaning duties based on master sanitation plan and when needed and ensures hygienic condition of production lines before star-up and during production.
2-11 Ensure micro samples are taken from production lines as per microbiological sampling plan.
2-12 Meet plant agreed quality targets related to production lines based on monthly G3D results.
2-13 Meet agreed M&W program targets in terms of ingredient loss.
2-14 Ensure safe operation in his area of concern.
2-15 Ensure producing safe products and applying key food safety attributes in his area of concern.
2-16 Assume other duties as assigned by area management

3-0 Skills:
3-1 Bsc. degree in science or agriculture from recognized university.
3-2 0 to 2 years experience in quality operations, in field of food industries will be an added value.
3-3 Strong communication skills
3-4 Handling multitasks at the same time.
3-5 Ability to work under stress
3-6 Good command on MS package
3-7Acceptable written and spoken English
3-8 Ability to make quick decisions and work in a fast-paced environment
3-9 Basic understanding of a laboratory environment
3-10 Ability to work nights and weekends

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