Senior Microbiologist At Liptis Pharmaceuticals

Senior Microbiologist At Liptis Pharmaceuticals

Senior Microbiologist At Liptis Pharmaceuticals
Senior Microbiologist At Liptis Pharmaceuticals




Liptis Pharmaceuticals in Egypt is pleased to announce that there is a position opening for “Senior Microbiologist”. We are looking for qualified and highly motivated professionals to apply to our state-of-the-art manufacturing complex which meets and exceeds all international standards.


• To follow up with all activities required for microbiology laboratories such as Sampling, Testing, and Release Processes
• Organize microbiology laboratory activities and follow up on newly assigned employees’ work
• Follow up microbiology Sampling and Testing of Raw Material, Finished Products, Personnel, Environment, and Water according to approved procedures
• Prepare Standard Operating Procedures and laboratory documents related to routine work
• Maintain maximum adherence to cGMP and cGLP regulations.
• Ensure that all data generated during analysis are filled in Logbooks and Worksheets
• Ensure that all activities related to the section are documented
• Maintain laboratory areas clean and equipment tidy and neat
• Supervise and participate in training new employees
• Revise and check all the data, results, and reports of the Laboratory
• Update and follow up on the implementation of Specifications, Procedures, Test Methods, SOP, and other laboratory documents
•  Set a schedule for routine microbial sampling and testing of water, environment, and employees
•  Follow up microbiological analysis for Water System and Water Supply according to approved procedure.
•  Follow up on the updates in Pharmacopoeias related to microbiology
•  Participate in Laboratory Investigation of O.O.S.
•  Sign the final release/reject of all the products tested by the microbiology laboratory
• Ensure that the laboratory is maintained in a hygienic situation and contamination is kept to a minimum
•  Perform any work assigned to him by the QC manager within his qualification and experience.
•  Set sanitization and disinfection programs for the laboratory and work areas
•  Follow-up validation for the microbial testing procedure


•  Bachelor’s Degree in Pharmacy
•  Minimum of 3 years experience in the Microbiology Department
•  Highly motivated
•  Problem-solving attitude


•  Competitive Salary
•  Health Insurance
•  Life Insurance
•  Transportation Provided
•  Meals Provided

For those interested and who meet the criteria above please send your resume to recruitment.factory@liptis-pharma-eg.com.

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