Shaker Consultancy Group Training Course For Engineering graduate

Shaker Consultancy Group Training Course For Engineering graduate

Shaker Consultancy Group Training Course For Engineering graduate

Engineering graduate?
Join our 2‐month free training course to learn all about design, infrastructure, BIM, building systems & more! You will also receive a certificate of completion upon your graduation &  a 5-year contract at Shaker Consultancy Group if you are among our top candidates!

– Training Prerequisites:
1- B.Sc. in electrical, mechanical, communication or mechatronics engineering with a minimum average grade of “good“ (2020-2021)
2- Fluency in spoken & written English.
3- High computer skills. (AutoCAD, Revit Skills are required)

If you have it all, apply now! Send your CV including contact info, recent photo, average graduation assessment & military service status before 07/09/2021 to: Shaker-Academy@shakeregypt.com
“Please make sure to include in the subject of the email your specialisation “Electrical, Mechanical (HVAC or Plumbing)or Communication Engineer” and the University Name”..

About us
Since its founding in 1982, Shaker has established itself as one of the leading engineering and design firms across the MENA region, with offices in 8 countries and projects spanning 19 countries worldwide. Shaker provides professional consultancy and engineering services across all disciplines, including project management, design, construction & commercial management; accordingly these services may be categorized in to the following three main fields: City Wide Infrastructure: Shaker services are inclusive of smart city systems, command centers, road design, water treatment and desalination plants, district cooling plants, infrastructure networks; power, street lighting, water, drainage, chilled water and telecommunication. Building: Shaker services are inclusive of architectural and civil/structural services with specialization in the disciplines of electrical, HVAC, plumbing, fire protection, BMS, telecommunications and IP based light current systems for buildings, together with the design and supervision for LEED certified projects. High Voltage Engineering; Shaker services also include the provision of high voltage, distribution systems, SCADA systems project management, design and construction supervision. With more than 1200 employees and the successful completion of over 2000 projects across the world, Shaker provides these services at the highest international standards.


Building Services EngineeringHigh Voltage EngineeringInfrastructure planningFeasibility studiesTechnical specifications and bill of quantitiesDetailed engineering and construction drawingsProject ManagementConstruction Management and Supervision
Headquarters Cairo

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