SHE Deputy Manager At Edita Food Industries

SHE Deputy Manager At Edita Food Industries

SHE Deputy Manager At Edita Food Industries
SHE Deputy Manager At Edita Food Industries



Main Purpose:

Responsible of communication and coordination of environmental, health, and safety programs, also manage activities designed to reduce the risk of accidents.


1. Ensure the proper implementation of the eREMS

2. Responsible for conducting training sessions of company personnel to raise the employees awareness

3. Investigate SHE incidents and follow-up on corrective action implementation

4. Provide support for hazardous jobs through the Permit to Work system

5. Determines the needs for personal protective equipment per risk assessment and best industrial practices.

6. Setting plant SHE Budgeting and monitor expenses.

7. Manage and head the safety committee meetings.

8. Regular monitoring of unsafe employee behaviour (smoking – waste dumping – … etc.)

9. Conduct evacuation drills as per emergency response plans and prepare associated reports

10. Conduct the risk assessment of the different activities in the plant.

11. Conduct environmental impact assessment for all processes in the plant.

12. Keeps updated records of water and energy consumption for the plant.

13. Provide data and analysis for water and energy consumption trends for the plant.

14. Tracks water and energy consumption KPIs for the plant.

Are you passionate about ensuring a safe and secure work environment? Edita Food Industries is seeking a skilled and dedicated HSE Deputy Manager to join our team!

Send your resumes to jobs@edita.com.eg with the subject line “HSE Deputy Manager” and be part of our mission to create a workplace where safety matters.

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