SHE Executive At Danone Egypt

SHE Executive At Danone Egypt

SHE Executive At Danone Egypt
SHE Executive At Danone Egypt

Location: Danone Farm

As an SHE Executive you will be responsible to plan, implement, and coordinate safety programs, to prevent or correct unsafe environmental working conditions. Implement, administer, and advise others on hazard control programs and measure, audit and evaluate the effectiveness of hazard control programs.

About the job

  • Lead and monitor the implementation of WISE and Danone Global Safety Standards.
  • Drive the change for the improvement of the safety awareness & culture.
  • Develop SHE vision and road map
  • Assure that management team has continuous flow of information concerning accidents, incidents, Near Misses, potential hazards and work-related activities which contribute to safety consciousness and accident prevention.
  • Ensure that all required risk assessments and risk mitigation plans are properly conducted and executed to eliminate all identified safety risks.
  • Ensure that the behavior audits and inspections are carried out on monthly basis and that results are reported to relevant management
  • Monitor & analyze the safety performance & objectives.
  • Investigate root causes of accidents, incidents, injuries, and illness resulting from incidents and initiates corrective actions to avoid recurrence.
  • Plan and conduct emergency drills.
  • Ensure proper distribution and usage of provided Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs) across all stakeholders.
  • Ensure safety training programs are attended and completed for all employees and evaluate training results through monitoring trainees’ safety performance.
  • Organize & lead safety motivation events.
  • Advise on projects leading to environmental protection & legal compliance.

Job Requirements:

To be able to achieve the above and be successful in this role we believe you need to have:

  • Bachelor’s degree in relevant major
  • 2 to 3 years of experience in Safety, Health & Environment role
  • Strong Communication Skills
  • Extensive knowledge of Safety principles and practices
  • Leadership
  • Communication
  • Time Management

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