Statistical Programmer At IQVIA

Statistical Programmer At IQVIA

Statistical Programmer At IQVIA

Job Overview:

As a graduate Statistical Programmer, you will be involved in the analysis and reporting of clinical trials, primarily from Phases II and III, in a variety of therapeutic areas. Your tasks will include writing specifications and preparing summaries and analyses of data via the SAS® programming language, setting up the project programming environment, and providing programming support to study teams.

Key Responsibilities:

Perform the programming, testing, and documentation of programs for use in creating statistical tables, listing and figures summaries, analysis datasets (derived datasets)
Programming quality control checks for the source data and reporting the data issues periodically
Detect errors in detail and correct them (e.g., review tables/listings, edit checks output and SAS programs to ensure quality of deliverable)
• Assist in the development of programming documentation including specifications • Identify risks to project delivery and/or quality to team lead and manager; make suggestions to mitigate risks

Actively participate in internal project team meetings; provide timely progress updates
Perform programming reviews of statistical analysis plans and table, listing and figure shells
Review data management documentation and advise on CRF and database design
• Create/QC define.xmls and Pinnacle 21 output • Act as the programming team lead for a single study, ensuring high quality deliverables

Provide training and mentoring to new members of the team

Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics, Biostatistics, Computer science or equivalent
At least 6 months experience from a placement or internship

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