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Tanmeyah Summer internship Program - vacanciesblog 2024

Tanmeyah Summer internship Program

Tanmeyah Summer internship Program


Tanmeyah Summer internship Program
Tanmeyah Summer internship Program


Take the opportunity and Apply for Tanmeyah Summer internship Program

Terms of Applying
· Must be an undergrad student (graduating class of 2023/2024):
– Faculty of Commerce/ Business Administration
– Faculty of Political Science & Economics
– Faculty of Engineering (computer engineering/MET)
– Faculty of Computer Science/ Business Informatics
· Previous extracurricular activities is a bonus.

· ID copy
· University registration certificate
· CV Copy

Internships are a great way for you to obtain valuable work experience and explore a career path. During the internship, you will develop and refine your skills, while receiving a financial compensation as well. You will start networking with professionals in the field.

Internship Opportunities with our:
1. HR Team.
2. Procurement Team.
3. Finance Team.
4. Facility Management and Admin Team.
5. Legal Team.
6. Process Efficiency and Improvement.
7. Data Science.
8. IT Team.


For interested candidates, please send your CV to
write in the email subject (“Dept of interest” – Your University – Internship 2022),

#Example: “HR”- Cairo University- Internship 2022.

Deadline for Application:
· 23rd of June 2022 for July interns.
· 15th of July 2022 for August interns.
Duration of internship: 1 month.

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