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Data Analyst At MaxAB - vacanciesblog 2023

Data Analyst At MaxAB

Data Analyst At MaxAB

Data Analyst At MaxAB
Data Analyst At MaxAB




MaxAB is hiring a Marketplace Data Analyst.

Job Summary:

As a Marketplace Data Analyst, you will be responsible for creating the scripts and automation of the application and follow up on them. You will also be responsible for the revenues for a specific area under the supervision of the Marketplace manager.


Create and develop scripts.
Optimize and improve existing processes.
Develop new logics and targeting methods.
Develop dashboards and process assessment rules.


-Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Engineering or a relevant field.
-0-1 year of experience.
-Advanced knowledge of Python, SQL and Excel.

If interested in joining us, apply throughout the below link.

Apply Here

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