Health and Safety Specialist At Nagwa

Health and Safety Specialist At Nagwa



Health and Safety Specialist At Nagwa
Health and Safety Specialist At Nagwa




We are looking to hire a Health and Safety Specialist to join us in our mission to educate the world. The successful candidate shall contribute to our efforts in implementing and monitoring safety measures,
assessing risks, designing strategies to reduce potential hazards, and complying with legal and procedural matters.


Developing and implementing occupational health and safety policies and programs to ensure the overall safety and security of Nagwa’s employees and premises
Responding to emergency situations when necessary and taking prompt action to eliminate the immediate danger threatening life or property
Recording all hazards to keep track of their status and the action required to be taken
Guiding staff members during accidents and emergencies and planning preventive activities
Conducting risk assessments, drawing up fire plans, and enforcing preventative measures
Investigating accidents that have occurred within areas that witnessed these incidents and conducting a root cause analysis
Overseeing workplace repair, installations, and any other matter that could harm the employees’ safety
Executing control inspections, ensuring the compliance with the regulations and identifying, evaluating, and controlling the detected risks
Ensuring that investigations into all accidents, environmental incidents, near-miss incidents, and employee concerns are conducted and findings recorded
Ensuring all notifiable incidents are reported under group systems along with the reporting of environmental incidents to the local authorities
Being the point of contact for all work matters that need to be communicated with the civil protection authorities inside the Free Zone
Deploying all safety procedures and policies, ensuring the safekeeping of all company properties and facilities
Conducting HSE training and awareness sessions for all the personnel of the organization at all levels
Ensuring that health and safety measures are compliant with the company’s policy and procedures

Qualifications and Work Experience

Bachelor’s degree in any relevant field
1 year of experience as a health and safety specialist/officer
A safety procedures certificate, OSHA certification, or an equivalent is a plus
Experience with critical technical rooms available in company buildings
Good command of both written and spoken English

Behavioural Competencies

Excellent time and stress management skills
Accuracy and attention to detail
Adaptability and flexibility
Problem solving and decision making
Planning and organizational skills

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