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Project Management Executive At Kantar - vacanciesblog 2024

Project Management Executive At Kantar

Project Management Executive At Kantar

Cairo, Downtown Mall

Role Description

The purpose of this role is the responsibility for the day to day management of the project activities from inception to conclusion. This is Cairo-based regional project management role where you will be empowered and accountable for successful delivery of client projects.

Project Management: Accountable for successful, efficient and timely management of project delivery cycle from setting up the project to high quality data delivery client servicing team & end clients.
Data & Platforms Management: Digitally savvy and comfortable with technology, you will have excellent knowledge of / interest in latest digital / research solutions, platforms, and functionality of digital research tools. Supervising the key project activities like field, scripting, data processing and some data analysis.
Teamwork & Open Minded: Effective team member who demonstrates a strong spirit of collaboration, openness towards people of different cultures, and a proactive attitude to build relationships with / consult with internal experts, teams and markets beyond one’s own. A curiosity to learn, explore new ideas and ways of doing things.
Quality Control: Accountable for QC of the project management & final data delivered to the client service team.
Role Requirements


Bachelor’s Degree in business management, Statistics, Commerce, Logistic or any relevant field of study.
Organization and time management skills – self-motivated in a fast-paced environment and able to effectively juggle multiple projects, deliverables, and deadlines simultaneously while ensuring work is accurate, neat and generally error-free.
Excellent interpersonal and communication skill.
Strong written and verbal communication skills in English & Arabic

Cairo, Downtown MallEgypt

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