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Quality Control Analyst At GSK - vacanciesblog 2023
Medical Representative At GSK

Quality Control Analyst At GSK

Quality Control Analyst At GSK

Quality Control Analyst At GSK 
Quality Control Analyst At GSK

Job description

Site Name: Egypt – Giza

Are you looking for a new challenge to drive and improve quality control Analysis, with a chance to broaden your leadership skills? If so, this Quality Control Analyst role could be a great opportunity to consider.

As a Quality Control Analyst, you will be responsible for ensuring working in a safe environment. Test and analyze lab samples and operate lab equipment and instruments to ensure the quality of products and materials in compliance with GSK standards, specification, local requirements and GMP Working with our values and expectations in mind.

This role will provide YOU the opportunity to lead key activities to progress YOUR career, these responsibilities include some of the following:

Physical examination of the product before analysis.
Analyze and test finished products according to approved protocols and specifications.
Operate & Calibrate departmental section equipment and instruments according to approved SOP’s e.g. HPLC, GC, UV/Vis, IR and Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer, balances and other analytical equipment.
Implement and maintain GMP, GLP relevant to his/ her job
Record testing results, in addition to issuing & compiling of certificates of analysis (COAs) of finished products.
Perform product validation analysis according to approved validation protocols.
Prepare, standardize and maintain availability of reference standard, volumetric solutions, glassware, and reagents and ensure their good handling and storage according to the approved SOP’s.
Ensure that EHS requirements are fulfilled during work.
Out of Specification handling: Contribution in investigation using root cause analysis.
CAPA management: Set corrective actions and preventives action plans for L1 audit points and required action for improvement and follow up for progress.
Change control system: Contribution in implementation of change control system for any process or equipment.
Applying the GSK production system “GPS” basic elements in the analytical lab to reach zero accident, zero waste & zero defect.
Additional non-routine tasks related to section or individual’s development plan may be assigned.
Handle the usage of water, its consumption and discharge.
Check the lab air emissions point sources as well as the fugitive emissions. Handle lab energy consumption.

Basic Qualifications:

We are looking for professionals with these required skills to achieve our goals:

Bachelor’s Degree from faculty of Pharmacy, Science, Chemistry, or equivalent.
1-2 years of experience on similar field.
Preferred Qualifications:

If you have the following characteristics, it would be a plus:
Developing knowledge and application of the QMS (Quality Management System).
Knowledge of company products and quality impact as it relates to those products.

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