SHE Specialist At EcoLab Egypt

SHE Specialist At EcoLab Egypt

SHE Specialist At EcoLab Egypt
SHE Specialist At EcoLab Egypt

Job Description

Performs work in select areas of environmental, health and safety disciplines to achieve compliance with the organization’s SHE standards and with federal and state regulatory requirements. Participates in the design, development, implementation and maintenance of programs, systems and procedures necessary to ensure the overall safety and health of employees and the community. Monitors and prevents chemical, physical and biological hazards and diseases that could be present in the work area. Investigates accidents, injuries, and complaints concerning hazards or uncomfortable conditions in the work place. Recommends improvements in processes, design, procedures, and operating equipment, to minimize the hazardous potential. Assists in developing / delivering employee training, emergency preparedness and quality assurance programs. Provides safety performance measures. Conducts root cause analyses.

Education/Work Experience:

Degree in occupational safety, environmental, health, or a related field with 3 to 5 years experience.

Independence level/Reports to:Works under limited supervision. Normally reports to a SHE Manager.

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