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Summer Internship Program At Halan  - vacanciesblog 2024

Summer Internship Program At Halan 

Summer Internship Program At Halan

Summer Internship Program At Halan
Summer Internship Program At Halan


About the Internship:

Exciting news! We’re launching our Summer Internship Program!

Are you looking to kickstart your career? Our paid full-time internship is the perfect opportunity for you to gain real-world experience, develop essential skills and expand your network.

We are looking for:

Senior Students and Fresh-graduates.

Excellent written and spoken Arabic and English.

Outstanding written and verbal communication skills.

Adaptable and problem-solving mindsets.

Don’t miss the chance to collaborate with our teams, receive mentorship and guidance from experienced professionals, and participate in engaging workshops, training sessions, and collaborative projects.

Available departments:

Product Management

Product Design

Data Science

Mobile Development



IT and Technology

Art & Design

Business Development


📅 Deadline for application: Sunday, 16th of July

📍 Location: 6th of October

📝 Applying process: Submit your application to access the application form. Sending a cover letter is a plus.

Apply Here

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