Supplier Quality Manager At Beyti Egypt-2023

Supplier Quality Manager At Beyti Egypt-2023

Supplier Quality Manager At Beyti Egypt-2023
Supplier Quality Manager At Beyti Egypt-2023




Job Description
Lead supplier/ co-manufacturing development strategy, designing the metrics for the function and supplier performance
Develop and improve supplier co-manufacturing capability for raw material/ intended products quality in line with applicable standards (if needed by site team), as required by the Joint vetures requirements, in order to improve material quality performance in operation ensuring that suppliers used by the organization are selected, evaluated and revaluated and the records for these process is maintained.
Leading investigation of quality issues (Site Complaints and NCRs), developing systemic action plans in conjunction with suppliers, to fix root cause and analyze data in order to ensure the effectiveness of the QMS and evaluate where continual improvements of the QMS can be made. This shall include data generated as a result of monitoring and measurement and from other relevant sources, related to suppliers performance.
Assist with the collecting, reporting, and tracking of the company’s Quality metrics (KPI). Ensure on time reporting of quality KPI to the Management Review Team.
Work jointly with other quality leaders and system owners to ensure common systems and capabilities that impact quality are effectively implemented
Support new product launches to ensure suppliers/ co-manufacturers are capable of delivering to the required quality standards as per JVs requirements and meeting Beyti standards and timelines.
Stay current and up to date on any changes that may affect the supply and demand of needed products and materials and advise others of any impact.

S Degree in Food Science or related subject with specialization in Food, Beverages, Dairy

Minimum of 12 year professional management experience in a large organization in related field

Experience in HACCP/ ISO implementation with certified companies
Previous experience with supplier improvement and auditing is preferable

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