Dispensing Specialist At Minapharm Pharmaceuticals

Dispensing Specialist At Minapharm Pharmaceuticals

Dispensing Specialist At Minapharm Pharmaceuticals
Dispensing Specialist At Minapharm Pharmaceuticals


About Minapharm:
Minapharm Pharmaceuticals is a leading pharmaceutical company in Egypt and the Middle East and the largest end-to-end manufacturer of biological therapies in MEA with over 20 years of experience in cellular and bioprocess engineering. Headquartered in Cairo, Minapharm commercializes over 100 life-saving and life-enhancing products ranging from small molecules to complex bioengineered proteins and viral vectors, with an impressive immunotherapy pipeline. Together with its wholly-owned Berlin-based subsidiary, ProBioGen AG – a world-leading CDMO, Minapharm has established an integrated business model making it the only gene-to-market company in the region. Consolidating its international platform of intelligent biopharmaceutical technologies with the longstanding process development and manufacturing expertise in the MEA, Minapharm, together with ProBioGen, has incorporated MiGenTra GmbH headquartered in Berlin and manufacturing in Cairo, to enhance the accessibility to critical healthcare transforming medicines through product development and commercialization of Biosimilar mABs, Cell, and Gene Therapies and vaccines, at affordable prices in Egypt, and MEA.

Our Values:

Diversity & Respect
Integrity & Accountability
Leadership & Empowerment
Innovation & Continuous Learning

Job Summary:

To supervise the weighing process of raw material.


· Responsible for receiving the manufacturing orders from all production departments, recording it in dispensing logbooks & preparing bill of materials and items in Weighing Unit according to the relevant SOP.

· Compare and make sure that the raw materials containers data and data in M.O. are identical.

· Supervise and ensure of weighing area cleanliness before any weighing Process.

· Record & follow up daily check of scales.

· Write Temperature and RH according to the relevant SOP.

· Record & follow up differential pressure in dispensing center according to the relevant SOP.

· Note fine dust filter gauge reading.

· Record air filter gauge reading.

· Review manufacturing orders before and after dispensing process.

· Review all Logbooks inside dispensing center.

Requirements / Qualifications:

1.From 0– 4 years of relevant experience

2.Bachelor’s degree of Pharmacy or Science

3.Training in Inventory types and working inside warehouse

Location: 10th of Ramadan

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