Summer Internship program At Americana Foods

Fresh Graduates Refrigeration Maintenance Engineer At Koki- Americana Group

Fresh Graduates Refrigeration Maintenance Engineer At Koki- Americana Group


Koki- Americana is looking for a highly Caliber: #Refrigeration #Maintenance #Engineer

Job Purpose:

Responsible for Performing engineering duties in the planning and design of tools, engines, machines, and any other mechanically operated equipment. Supervision of installation, operation, and maintenance of mechanical equipment

Job Qualifications:

– Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering. – Experience from 0 to 1 in refrigeration engineering. – Basic leadership skills. – Work in a team. Basic information: – Job Reporting: Maintenance Manager. – You will be based: at the 10th of Ramadan – Sharkia. If you are interested in the vacant, kindly fill out the form link below:

Apply Here

#What #We #Do

Cairo Poultry Group is the region’s leading vertically integrated poultry company with a business model based on expert control of the supply chain and operations covering all steps of the production cycle, including grandparents, parents, hatcheries, broilers, and processing. Thanks to star brands like Koki and Americana Meats, we are Egypt’s key player in the market for retail and value-added food sales in Egypt, offering a wide variety of chilled, frozen, and value-added products to individual and institutional clients alike.

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