Mechanical Maintenance Engineer At Pepsico Egypt

Logistics Senior Associate At PepsiCo -Minia DC

Logistics Senior Associate At PepsiCo -Minia DC


Support the Sales function in the DC (Distribution Center) to achieve the annual targeted volumes at optimum cost through ensuring the availability of the needed resources from spaces, equipment, Head Count and products, and managing them.
Ensure the products’ loading process on sales trucks to be in the right quantity, quality, pattern and time.
Ensure the proper procedures for storing and managing products in the warehouses maintaining its safety, integrity and quality from the time of receipt till the time of issuance, including implementation of First In First Out concept (FIFO).
Manage the DC’s purchases budget and follow up on the controllable S&D and MOH budgets in coordination with regional DCs’ managers.
Organize receiving the finished goods from the plant & warehouse to keep enough stock.
Coordinate with LD&T SPV in plant to send the RB. And supervise RB Sorting before sending them.
Lead the Safety Action Team (SAT) regular meeting to Ensure H&S environment is in place.
Ensure H&S and quality regulations are followed up by all DC’s HC and report in case of obstacles.
Implement food safety according to AIB standards.

Support and implement DCs’ management Best Practice and processes.
Supervise the repackaging of finished goods through ensuring the that materials needed are available.
Calculate the productivity of the warehouse and confirm hours made through M&W.
Prepare daily reports for any differences in inventory and put plans if there is a difference – have weekly meetings to share findings with the rest of Ware House EEs (Employees).
Prepare daily and weekly reports for HO regarding the stocks in the warehouse (Finished Goods, RB, & near expiry products). And coordinate with HO on what to do with crate, plastic separators, and wood pallets.
Manage the waste products efficiently (damaged / expired). Coordinate with internal quality and finance departments and with the tax authority with regards to getting rid of these products periodically.
Conduct performance appraisal for direct reports with high quality and meeting deadlines. Develop warehousing function EEs. And participate in technical interviews.
Ensure implementing proper policies and procedures related to marketing equipment management (MEM), scrapped materials’ selling and shipping necessities’ management (wooden pallets and plastic separators (Move only).
Ensure all related LD&T interactions with different departments in the site are in compliance with the COSO standards.
Coordinate between internal fleet workshop in the DC and central fleet management team responsible for the site in case of any issues related to the fleet readiness.

Ensure maintaining good relations with land/s owner/s and the governmental authorities in the area and report in case of any foreseen issues that affect the operations (Move only).

Bachelor’s Degree in any relevant discipline.
Minimum of 1 – 3 years of experience in LD&T related activities.
Good command of English language.
Good managing people skills.
Very good knowledge of Microsoft Office Programs (Excel, PowerPoint and Word) and ERP systems.
Strong Leadership skills
Excellent communication skills.
Ability to deal with diverse backgrounds.
Good analytical thinking skills to be able to identify opportunities.
Good presentation skills.
Good understanding of basic financial analysis

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